Kakuman`s Lacquerware

The  Ryukyu lacquer art takes great pride in its 500 years of history dated back to the Sho-dynasty that reigned the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Kakuman Lacquerware is characterized by its brilliant color and truly unique classic design. The warm climate and subtropical conditions of Okinawa are very suitable in the making of lacquerware as well as the formation of the bright cinnabar - red which is very distinctive of the Ryukyuan lacquer-craft.

Our workshop has been making lacquerware in traditional way for more than 120 years and we take pride in our products that would assure your utmost satisfaction. The basic material is the wood of DEIGO and SHITAMAGI which are indigenous to Okinawa. After cutting, drying and several coatings of lacquer, the four most popular types of designs are performed by skilled craftsmen.


In the next post, we will talk about these four techniques.


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